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What a Relief!....PUBLIC RESTROOMS in Hinton

Built to accommodate the needs of many who visit during outside events, an easily accessible and well-constructed public restroom facility for everyone has been constructed in Hinton’s National Historic District. These public restrooms are located behind the Railroad Museum, beside the existing parking lot and accessible from the alley.

A special thanks to our master builders on the Hinton Public Works Department, especially ‘Bucky’ Adkins and Adam Bragg. What a great facility! All the Hinton Public Works staff, under the Direction of Billy Dan Gill, assisted in this project: Anthony Gray, Dale Starks, Brady Petrey, John Collins.

The restrooms will be restricted to and open for outdoor events only, beginning with the upcoming “Festival of the Rivers”, on Saturday, September 4, 2021 from Noon ‘til 9 PM.

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Beth Collins Mathena
Beth Collins Mathena
Sep 04, 2021

Great Job! Thank you

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