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The WVDOH has continued to work tirelessly to provide transportation safety at 17th Avenue. A temporary slip liner has been successfully placed through the failed culvert. This has allowed WVDOH to fill the hole to mitigate further erosion of the contaminated soil. WVDOH will complete the fill by this Friday, 01/13, if the weather allows.

WVDOH will monitor the site for a couple weeks to determine whether the site is stable and whether the temporary bridge is still necessary. It is not likely that the temporary bridge will be removed at this time.

WVDOH hopes to complete the contract plans and right of way acquisitions for the permanent repairs by the end of January (or mid-Feb at the latest). The project will then be advertised for bids. It is hard to estimate the timeline for a none-typical project like this, but WVDOH will expedite as quickly as possible.

Mayor Jack Scott expressed appreciation to Mr. Jim Moore, Acting District Engineer, and all WVDOH personnel, “The citizens of Hinton and Summers County thank you for this continued dedicated progress to eliminate this concern for everyone.” #HintonSinkhole #CityofHinton #HintonWV #CityofHintonGovernment #WVDOH

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