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Rollin', Rollin' through the streets of Hinton!

Through the dedicated work and efforts of Councilman Larry Meador, the City of Hinton is the recipient of four (4) Hybrid Buses from the Kanawha Valley Regional Transit Authority (KRT), Executive Director Sean Hill and staff.

Presently the buses will be utilized during “Railroad Days 2022”, beginning Thursday, October 20. This year’s Autumn Colors Express train participants will be able to transport from/to the Passenger Depot to/from Temple Street for all the RR Days festivities.

The buses are in excellent condition, clean and well maintained.

Hinton Mayor Jack Scott commented, “We all appreciate Councilman Larry Meador’s tireless efforts in securing these Hybrid Buses for our community. This is another example of our TEAM and the work being done within the governing body of the City of Hinton. After RR Days this year, we will continue our working efforts to put together a transit authority and schedule for our citizens in Hinton and Summers County.” Great job, Larry Meador!

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