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You may have noticed… that a brand new street exists in Hinton from Temple Street (beginning at the New River Bridge) all the way to 17th Avenue and back on Summers Street to the 2nd Avenue/Temple Street Intersection, a total project length of 2.19 miles. The total cost of the entire project was $1,026,633, funded by the WV Department of Highways.

1) The contractor that removed the existing asphalt surface (milling) was BOCA Construction

2) The contractor that applied the stress absorbing membrane was Russell Standard

3) The contractor that paved the new street surface was WV Paving

What a fantastic improvement for our community! It’s been fifty (50) years or more since such an effort was made to provide such an exceptionally ‘smooth’ driving experience through our city. The process was quite an extraordinary one with the careful removal of old asphalt exposing the century old brick that first existed in our streets, then layering it with an absorbent covering before the final layer of asphalt was applied.

TEAMWORK all around: Thank you to Governor Justice, WV Highways Commissioner Byrd White, State Senator Jack David Woodrum, WV Department of Highways District 9 staff, Summers County Department of Highways employees and Hinton Mayor Jack Scott and Hinton City Council. Kudos to these elected officials and government employees who got it right with the expenditure of taxpayer dollars (federal, state, county, city) for a much-needed improvement that benefits all.

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