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Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

With building

Without building

A long-awaited cleanup/demolition due to the culvert collapse in the West End at 17th Avenue has finally come to an end. The demolition contract was awarded to and completed by Whitten Construction. On Monday, July 31, 2023, Whitten wrapped up the removal of the city buildings that were damaged and deemed unsafe by the collapse. Mayor Jack Scott met with WVDOH District 9 Engineer Jim Moore to note the update. The next step is waiting for the State to award the contract for the construction of a new culvert underneath the State Route 20 highway. The District Department of Highways, the City of Hinton government, and the citizens, students and parents traveling daily on State Route 20 are anxious for the go ahead to begin this construction. The removal of the city buildings has now greatly enhanced the mobility needed for the upcoming construction. The existing bridge will remain in use until the new construction contract has been awarded and the Contractor decides it can be relocated by WVDOH. #CityofHinton #WVDOH #HintonWV

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