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Clean-up of Hinton's Dilapidated, Burned, & Abandoned Structures

Updated: Feb 4

For the past four (4) years, Jim Leslie has overseen the identification and demolition of dilapidated, burned, and abandoned, structures that were too badly deteriorated and damaged to save. These structures have been an eyesore for years to citizens, neighbors, and visitors who travel through and live in Hinton. Leslie stated, 'I am happy to see that one by one, these eyesores are disappearing!'

On behalf of the City of Hinton and Mayor Scott, Leslie has successfully secured federal funding totaling more than $600,000 to pay for the demolition and removal of these identified dilapidated structures. The second phase funding of Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program was just announced by Governor Jim Justice and will begin this year. Each site of removal to date has been re-seeded and prepared for owners and/or investors to re-build suitable homes to help ease the shortage of housing in Hinton. 'This has been a vital part of restoring the beauty of Hinton and presents an opportunity to fulfill a critical housing need in our community,' said Leslie.

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