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Hinton City Government Provides NEW PARKING AREA

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Mayor Scott and the City Council, in cooperation with Summers County Schools, is providing a new parking area adjacent to Hinton Area Elementary School, primarily for HAE teachers and staff. The parking area was made possible when the City of Hinton removed a dilapidated building that was situated on the lot. “Our Public Works Department has since leveled and graveled the site for much-needed additional parking at the intersection of Reservoir and Main Street at the base of Elk Knob Road”, says Scott. “This is an attempt to provide more parking near the school in hopes of relieving parking pressure that occurs during school hours or in cases of emergencies, such as house fires, and ask that everyone assist as we provide a safer environment for our community.” #CityofHintonWV #CityofHinton #HintonAreaElementary #HintonWV

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