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An EXCELLENT ‘Point’!….Public Access to our magnificent rivers, New & Greenbrier in Hinton

The City of Hinton Public Works Department began construction of a public river access area of the New River and the Greenbrier River on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at ‘The Point’ in Bellepoint (near Pizza Hut). And folks, this is just the beginning. BIG PLANS are in the works for ‘The Point’!

Hinton resident Kent Bartgis, a long-time proponent of this project, can be seen with Public Works staff as they review plans for the construction of this much-needed and important community improvement that will provide safe and secure river access for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The preparation phase of this project is anticipated to be completed in early October. Thanks to city leaders for tackling yet another great improvement to enhance our beautiful City on the River!

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