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Thank you!

Jim Leslie, Hinton City Council
Passion - Experience - Leadership

 Build a better city for a better tomorrow

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Jim & Carla Leslie

THANK YOU Hinton Voters!

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THANK YOU Hinton Voters!

I grew up in the West End of Hinton. My father was a railroader, my mother a homemaker, and I was raised with the goodness of small town values and the principle of hard work. My mother put me to work early delivering the Hinton Daily News  from the West End to 5th Avenue. I came to know every street and corner and its citizens.  I am proud of my hometown and have long been an active member of the community, devoted to helping its citizens, my neighbors, and all who visit to a wonderful small town experience. I was blessed to be able to serve Hinton for over 20 years as a dedicated public servant. My efforts are reflected throughout the City of Hinton and I am, and forever will be, most proud to call Hinton my hometown. I, likewise, am eager to return to helping my beautiful hometown be all that it can be!



There was a total of 797 citizens who voted in the June 9, 2020 Hinton Primary Election.

I want to thank each and every one of you for exercising your RIGHT TO VOTE and for CARING enough about this community to vote. Even though I know that each voter did not vote for me, what is important is that you voted. The election is now behind us; we all now must work together for the next four (4) years to move our community forward, to grow economically, and......come together as a community.

The following is an alphabetical listing of the 797 voters in Hinton…..and, again, Thank You! - Jim Leslie

Adkins, Angell Elizabeth

Adkins, Betty Jane

Adkins, Betty Lou

Adkins, Cindy Lee

Adkins, Daniel Seth

Adkins, David D 

Adkins, Donald Ray

Adkins, Jackie L

Adkins, James, Jr

Adkins, Jennifer Kathleen

Adkins, Keith J

Adkins, Kenneth Edward

Adkins, Linda Lou

Adkins, Patty Elaine

Adkins, Samantha June

Adkins, Shawn Dewayne

Adkins, Tammy M

Adkins, Thomas Ray, Jr

Adkins-Altizer, Heather L

Allen, Brenda S

Allen, Rhonda Leigh

Allen, Richard L

Allison, Janice Louise

Allman, Sheila Kaye

Andrews, Dennis Ray

Angell, Bernard Bigony, Jr

Angell, Sandra Kay

Angell, Savannah McKenzie

Angotti, Jayne Leigh

Angotti, John Anthony

Angotti, Wilma Grace

Baber, Clifford E

Baber, Robert McCormick

Bailey, Glenna Faye

Ball, Arthur E, Jr

Ball, Arthur Eugene

Ball, Brian Eugene

Ball, Sandra Lynn

Ballard, David D

Ballard, Debbie Sue

Ballard, Randall Scott

Ballard, Shirla K

Ballard, Teresa Ann

Ballengee, Angeleen Viola

Ballengee, William R

Banks, Belinda A

Bartgis, Anna L

Bartgis, Joseph Kent

Barton, James Ezra

Basham, Betty Jo

Basham, Cynthia Michelle

Basham, Roy Dean, Jr

Bengey, Alice Marie

Bennett Tommy M

Bennett, Carl Thomas

Bennett, Doris Jean

Bennett, Edith Ann

Bennett, Frieda Jewell

Bennett, Gary R

Bennett, Gilbert Dean

Bennett, Justin Lee

Bennett, Kathi A

Bennett, Kathy J

Bennett, Kim L

Bennett, Loue Ann

Bennett, Ramona Kay

Bennett, Randy Alan

Bennett, Robert E

Bennett, Robert Eugene

Bennett, Wesley Wayne

Berkshire, Candance Sue

Berkshire, Douglas Scott

Berry, Bonny Carol

Berry, Darrell Eugene

Berry, Gregory Adam

Bittinger, Martin R

Blankenship, Joseph M

Blankenship, Paul F

Blevins, Rachel Maxine

Blevins, Shelby George

Bock, Betty Charlton

Boland, Michael J

Boland, Myra J

Boley, Dorothy Jean

Bond, Janima Terese

Bond, Tania Shane

Boone, Kathy L

Bostic, Jordonne Mariah

Bowers, Tamara Lynn

Bragg, Bryanna Gabrielle

Bragg, Hampton Louis

Bragg, Sonya Deanne

Bragg, Tabitha Marie

Bragg, Virginia Gaye

Braswell, Brenda Kay

Briers, Laura Sue

Brinegar, Val-Angela Rose

Brown, Phillis Ann

Brumit, Steven Ray

Brumit, Tara D

Buckland, Jearldine Mary

Buckland, Peggy Doreen

Buckland, Roy Browning

Bugg, Clayton R

Bugg, Gayle H

Bugg, Laurie Teresa

Burdette, Deborah J

Burdette, Ferrell L

Burdette, Kathy Sue

Burdette, Margaret A

Butler, Kevin Glenn

Butler, Vella Jane

Butts, Teresa Ann

Cale, Carl M

Cale, Wanda Faye

Cales, Betty S

Cales, Brandon Walker 

Cales, Charles W

Cales, George S

Cales, Heaven Leigh

Cales, Mark Edward

Cales, Melanie Marie

Cales, Randy J

Cales, Sandra K

Cales, Vickie S

Cales, Virginia Lee

Canterbury, Sandra K

Cardoso Melo, Cristiano

Carmichael, Su-Ellen

Carroll, Charles Edward

Carroll, Dianna Lynn

Carter, Beverley Ann

Carter, Roy Burton

Casto, Rebecca Harvey

Caul, Robert W

Caul, Vicki Louise

Childers, Amanda Jean

Clark, Danny Kaye

Clark, Deborah D

Clark, James King

Clark, James M

Clark, Megan Elizabeth

Clinebell, Joseph A

Clinebell, Rebecca Ann

Cobb, Doris L

Cobb, Ronald Lee

Coffman, Paul D

Coffman, Shelby Lee

Cole, Brandi Rose

Cole, Jacob Allen

Cole, Karen Sue

Cole, Leroy

Cole, Teal Elise

Conner, Adrienne Rochelle

Conner, Christopher Joseph

Conner, Debra Marie

Conner, Gilbert Wayne

Conner, Jessica Marie

Conner, Robert E

Connor-Wendt, Chandra Dawn

Conway, Donna Kay

Conway, Thomas Joseph, Jr

Cook, Benjamin Carl

Cook, Gaye M

Cooper, Betty R

Cooper, Brian Joseph

Cooper, Charlene Burks

Cooper, Drema Gail

Cooper, Gary W

Cooper, Jack Darrell

Cox, Bobby Wayne

Cox, Erin L

Craft, Patricia Ann

Crawford, Amy Suzanne

Crawford, Eternity Rayne

Crawford, Nancy T

Crawford, Patricia Ambers

Crawford, Robin S

Crisp, Richard Edward

Crook, Carol L

Cyphers, Connie Jean

Cyphers, Melvin Rex

Cyrus, Diana Kay

Cyrus, Leah Kathleen

Daniel, Ronald Keith

Davis, Benny E

Davis, Charlotte Q

Davis, Ernest E

Davis, Marian C

Davis, Marsha A

Davis, Teresa Gail

Davis, Wanda P

Day, Shirley Anne

Dekle, Michelle Leann

Dekle, Walter

Denison, Kenneth Brian

Denison, Nora Jean

Dick, Leroy Wesley

Dillon, Donna R

Dirnbauer, Brian Scott

Dirnbauer, Margaret J

Dobbins, Barbara Cheyenne

Duncan, Donna Sue

Duncan, Jillian Ann

Duncan, Mary Patricia

Duncan, Stanley Ray

Duncan, Stephen D

Durham, Anna Michelle

Durnan, Kitrick A

Durnan, Nancy Lynn

Eades, Edna Mae

Eades, George R

Eades, Richard Wilson

Edwards, Drema L

Edwards, Richard D

Eerenberg, Sheri Lee

Eerenberg, Timothy Scott

Eggleston, Mary Ann

Eggleston, Nora Ann

Elkins, Stephanie Delynn

Elkins, Terry Curtis

Ellington, Marcia Myers

Ellison, Alexander Shane

Ellison, Herbert S

Ellison, Mary H

Ellison, Robert W

Ellison, Wilma J

Emerson, Robert Allen

Emrich, Dwight D

Emrich, Linda L

Epling, Vera Greenlief

Farley, Diane Renee

Farley, Frances Ann

Farley, Jacqueline R

Farley, James R

Farley, Joe Nathan, Jr

Farley, William D

Farmer, Jason Lewis

Farrell, Ashley Grace

Farrell, Scott E

Fitzpatrick, Daniel M

Fitzpatrick, Joni N

Fitzsimmons, Carolyn Saunders

Fitzwater, Russell Ray

Fitzwater, Virginia Tucker

Fleshman, Allan W

Fleshman, Michael Franklin

Fleshman, Theresa F

Folds, Goldie Mae

Ford, Autumn Leigh

Fox, Christy Kenna

Fox, James E

Fox, Melissa Jane

Fox, William Mark

Frazier, Daniel Ernest

Fullen, Angela Reney

Fullen, Gwendolyn J

Gaitor, James J

Gaitor, Julia S

Galloway, Sonia G

Garten, Christopher K

Gilbert, John Adam

Gilbhrighde, Gleynora Jeane

Giles, Betty Jean

Giles, Terri June

Gill, Billy D

Gill, Connie Sue

Gill, Sherri Lynn

Goddard, Rosalee

Goins, Debra Susan

Goins, Linville Franklin

Goins, Lonnie F

Goins, Norma Lee

Goodson, Larry Gene

Gore, James Edward

Gore, James Jason

Gore, Janet S

Gore, Janice B

Gore, Kristina Malyn

Gore, Melinda V

Gore, Phyllis Jean

Gore, Robert Maurice, Jr

Graham, Conrad A

Graham, Eva P

Gray, Anthony K

Gray, Curtis Keith

Gray, Dottie K

Green, Steven Wayne

Greenlief, Cynthia Lynn

Grimes, Clara Mae

Grimes, Daniel Lee

Grimmett, Barbara E

Grimmett, Kathy F

Grose, Michelle Antoinette

Gunter, Bobby Gerald

Gunter, Dallas F

Gwinn, Charles Earl

Gwinn, Sherry M

Hall, Michael W

Hall, Toni Annette

Hamm, Carmen Belcher

Hamm, Donald Lee

Hamm, James Douglas

Hamm, Patricia Jane

Hammonds, Ben

Hampton, Linda Lou

Hampton, Randal Edward

Hanger, Julia A

Hank, Margaret C

Hannah, Charles Scott

Hannah, Christina L

Hannah, Colleen O'Ferrell

Hannah, Montgomery Lee

Hannah, Richard G

Harbert, Ronald G, Jr

Harrah, Heather Nicole

Harris, John Nicolas

Harris, Marion Anne

Hartwell, Jonathan Dale

Hartwell, Pamela Sue

Harvey, David W, II

Harvey, Jenny Lee

Harvey, Melissa Susan

Harvey, Sandra Raye

Harvey, Shirley Mae

Hatcher, Dennis L

Hawkins, Jeffery Lynn

Hawkins, Paula Jean

Hellems, Earl Kent

Hellems, Glenda E

Hellems, Jack Kennedy

Helm, Joseph Dean

Helms, Andrea Bernice

Helms, Benjamin Keith

Helms, Daniel K

Helms, Vicky E

Higuera, Anna Marie

Higuera, James Christopher

Hill, Bobby S

Hill, Greg Russell

Hockenberry, Joyce Eloise

Hogan, Myra Ellen

Holland, Gary Owen

Holland, Janis Ann

Holland, Nancy Karen

Holt, Katherine A

Honaker, Roy Lee, Jr

Honaker, Sandra Kay

Hopps, Nancy Jo

Hopson, Christopher Dwayne

Howery, Butler Lee

Howery, Rebecca Rodes

Hudson, Melba Sue

Huffman, Brian Michael

Huffman, Frederick Richard

Huffman, Teresa A

Humpheys, Jane E

Hunter, Angela Dawn

Hunter, Tony

Hutchison, Mona H

Hutchison, Thomas K

Hutchison, Vaughn W

Isner, David Wesley

Jackson, Ann Margaret

Jackson, Carol S

Jackson, Charles David

Jacoby, Jessica Noelle

Jeffries, Caitlyn Elizabeth

Jeffries, Jack William, Jr

Jeffries, Kelli Jene

Jeffries, Nathan Lewis

Jeffries, Patricia L

Johnson, Bobby Scott

Johnson, Carolyn Ann

Johnson, Cathy Ruth

Johnson, David Arthur

Johnson, Dianne E

Johnson, LeeAnn

Johnson, Nancy Lue

Johnson, Theodore R, III

Jones, Alison Ann

Jones, Andrew Mason

Jones, Audra Bethany

Jones, Brent Alison

Jones, Carolyn L

Jones, Carroll Hope

Jones, Edward M

Jones, John V

Jones, Lynne Carol

Jordan, Beverly Sue

Jordan, Bryson Clay

Jordan, James P 

Jordan, James P, III

Jordan, Kimberly Dawn

Jordan, Sydney Lane

Keaton, Betty L

Keaton, Drema Kay

Keaton, Harry L

Keaton, Jane E

Keaton, Jason Lance

Keaton, Regina D

Kesler, Mark Karlen

Kesner, Holly Shantell

Kesner, Steven M

Kincaid, Sandra Darlene

Kipp, Robert George

Kirk, Alice G

Kirk, Jerome Roger

Kirk, Jerry P

Kirk, Nannie K

Kirkham, Frank Buford

Kirkham, Terri Leigh

Lacoss, Conrad J

Lambert, Mary F

Lane, David Nathan

Lane, Haley Vandell

Lane, Stephen Lee

Lankford, Kelly Ryne

Lavery, Jan Marie

Leftridge, Jonathan Anton

Leftwich, Gemma C

Leftwich, James Spurgeon

Leftwich, Richard S

Leslie, Courtney Leigh

Leslie, James Derrick

Leslie, Melissa A

Lester, Viola Pearl

Lilly, Judy Faye

Lilly, Richard Kent

Lilly, Ronald Keith

Lilly, Steve N

Lilly, Steven Paul

Lilly, Vickey Lynn

Lilly, William Chilton, Jr

Lipscomb, Julia Ann

Lipscomb, Kristina Noelle

Lively, Kaleb Alan

Lively, Kelsie Suzanne

Lively, Mary A

Long, Douglas A

Long, Frederick D

Lyons, Pamela K

Maddy, Irvin S, Jr

Maddy, Luisa V

Madison, Davie L

Madison, Romanda M

Mann, Darrell D

Mann, David Scott

Mann, Dewey McAurther, III

Mann, Frank E

Mann, Janice Ann

Mann, John

Mann, Judith Marie

Mann, Mary J

Mann, Rachel 

Mann, Riley Reid

Mann, Roger Dee

Mann, Rose Sharon

Mansfield, Amy T

Mansfield, Rusty Glen

Marcum, Christopher Ryan

Marcum, Stephanie Nicola

Martin, Bethany Michal

Martin, Donald Ray, Jr

Martin, James E

Martin, Jeremiah James

Massie, James Layton, Jr

Massie, Lindsay Kay

Massie, Virginia M

Matheny, Mark Bradley

Matheny, Ruth Ann

Mathews, Cleo P

Mattis, Justin L

Mattis, Sara Beth

Mazur-Stommen, Susan Diane

Mazzella, Robert A

McBride, Erica Michelle

McBride, Stacey Nicole

McBride, William Jay

McClung, Thomas Dale, Jr

McCray, Juanita M

McGuire, Alisha D

McGuire, Carmen Gene, Jr

McGuire, Cathy Jo

McGuire, Jessica Regine

McMeekin, Alexandria Lee

Meador, Donald K

Meador, Edith Millie

Meador, Larry K

Meador, Patricia Ann

Meador, William D

Meadows, Christopher C

Meadows, David Lee

Meadows, Jennifer Starr

Meadows, Kathy L

Meadows, Melissa Ann

Meadows, Sean Colby

Meadows, William Robert

Merenivitch, Maxine Jewell

Merritt, Mary Elizabeth

Merritt, Robert James

Messer, Curtis O

Miesse, Lillian Kincaid

Miklos, Justin E

Miller, Amy L

Miller, Betty Mae

Miller, Dicye Faye

Miller, Joann

Miller, John Arthur

Miller, Nicole M

Miller, Tommy Charlton

Miller, Zeke Tyler

Mills, Kathy Goins

Mills, Kelly Anna

Mills, Levi Keith

Mills, Luke Abram

Mills, Willard Keith, II

Mills, William Leath

Mitchell, Christopher Brian

Mock, Donna Sue

Monroe, James E

Monroe, Joan E

Montgomery, Susanna Rennix

Monti, Andrew Spencer

Moore, Jessica Marie

Moore, Patricia Marie

Morgan, Donna Sue

Morgan, Martha Ann

Morgan, Victor Gray 

Morgan, Victor Gray, Jr

Mullins, Gerald Lee

Mullins, Lonnie R

Mullins, Thelma C

Murrell, Brenda J

Neal, Howard L, III

Neely, Nancy J

Nelson, Margaret L

Newsome, Susan Lynnett

Nichols, Joanne Leona

Noel, Ruth T

O'Brien, Amy Lee

O'Brien, William Thomas

Oliveros, Elizabeth Kathleen

Oliveros, Jesus Ruben, Jr

Oxley, Charles Stuart 

Oxley, Charles Stuart, Jr

Pack, Jessica L

Pack, Matthew Shannon

Pack, Rita J

Pack, Stephen R

Pack, Teresa Robin

Parker, Phyllis Anne

Parmer, Barbara J

Parmer, David L

Parra, Julian Lauro

Parra, Lili Tello

Pate-Goodson, Elizabeth Ann

Patrick, Patricia A

Patrick, Thomas A, Jr

Payne, Frances Kay

Payne, James M

Payne, Madeline Carol

Peck, Harry Gwinn

Perrine, Samantha Evelyn

Perry, Kendra Emily

Persiani, Danny Ray

Persiani, Jacob Marshall

Persiani, Timothy Louis

Persinger, Austin Lynn

Persinger, Billie Jo

Pfleiderer, Jeffrey Donald

Pfleiderer, Joyce Gardner

Pfleiderer, Timothy Paul

Phillips, Evelyn Ruth

Pitzer, Melissa Dawn

Pivont, Avery Manning

Pivont, Dena Wykle

Pivont, Donna K

Pivont, Leon Ray, III

Pivont, Leon Ray, Jr

Plumley, Brandon Slade

Plumley, Brenda S

Plumley, Freddie A

Plumley, Janice L

Plumley, Johnie Melvin

Plumley, Johnie Melvin, Jr

Plumley, Mary Lynn

Plumley, Tommy Regan

Plumley, Vivian Yvonne

Powell, Karon Jean

Price, Diania Lynn

Price, James Lorah, Jr

Prinzbach, Glenna Mae

Rancer, Gayle

Ratliff, Amera Marie

Ratliff, Bobbie D

Ratliff, Bobbie Rex

Ratliff, Dawson Bailey

Ratliff, Garnet Imogene

Reed, Benjamin Clark

Reed, Jerry Dallas

Rhodes, Paula Raye

Rhodes, William Ashby

Rice, Katherine Ann

Rice, Rodney Wayne

Richardson, Heather Renee

Richardson, Robert Wayne, Jr

Richmond, Anna Jean

Richmond, Chris Anthony

Richmond, Harold Dean

Richmond, Harold E

Richmond, Lisa Carol

Richmond, Mona Gay

Richmond, Samuel Joseph

Richmond, Susan Carol

Ripley, Teresa Gail

Ritter, Davis W, Jr

Ritter, Joyce A

Ritter, Leslie L

Roberts, Nichole Rene

Robertson, Dennis Blane

Robertson, Nellie M

Robinson, Angela Nicole

Rodes, Linda Meadows

Rodes, Robert Scott

Rodes, Sharon Kay

Rodes, William  Mark

Rogers, Gregory Ellis

Rogers, Lori Jo

Rogers, Myra Susan

Rogers, Robert T

Romanello, Bonnie M

Romfo, Barbara Hunter

Rootes, Joanne

Rootes, Ronald Joseph

Rosenberg, Layla Rancer

Rufus, Jimmy Lee

Ryan, Anita K

Scites, Christopher Austin

Scott, Donna S

Scott, Jackson L

Scott, Jackson Lee

Scott, Kristi G

Scott, Taylor Leigh

Sea, Angela Marie

Sea, Wanda Fay

Seamster, Pamela Kay

Seamster, Steve Halley

Sears, Amber Nicole

Sears, David Douglass

Sears, Georgia Mae

Sears, Tammy M

Seldomridge, Linda Sue

Shaffer, Carl L

Shaffer, Mary Ellen

Shaver, Rhonda G

Sherwood, Deborah Jean

Sherwood, John Charles

Shirey, Sean Michael

Simmons, Charles Earl

Simpson, Janet Louise

Sims, Johnny Ray

Skidmore, Ina R

Smith, Billy Joe, Jr

Smith, Donna Louise

Smith, Drema Louise

Smith, Flora Loretta

Smith, Francine D

Smith, Misty Ray

Smith, Robert B

Snavely, Derek Seth

Snider, Virginia Catherine

Sorg, Roberta Thompson

Sorg, William Darrell

Spears, Dawn Renee

Spicer, Shirley J

Spiller, Ross Allen

Sprague, Jamie Leigh

Sprague, Michael Shannon, Sr

Stacklin, Patricia A

Stacklin, Thomas G

Staley, David E

Staley, David James

Starks, Jackson D

Steele, Paula R

Stennett, Carl Scott

Stewart, Jennifer Dawn

Stommen, Nicholas Hiro

Stone, Thomas Edward

Straub, Kristal E

Straub-Deck, Emily Evon

Sweeney, Hugh F

Sweeney, Judith C

Sweeney, Trisha N

Swim, Michael Alan

Tassos, Ruth Ann

Taylor, Jay Coleman

Temple, Margaret L

Temple, Michael H

Thibeault, Christina Elizabeth

Thomas, Eric James

Thompson, Abner Carl

Thompson, Danielle Kay

Thompson, John Kennedy

Thompson, Patricia Jewel

Tolbert, Ronald Dewayne

Toler, Hazel E

Trainum, Paige Scott

Trainum, Rhonda Gale

Trainum, Zachary C

Trout, Jeffery Alan

Trout, Lilith Harley

Trout, Nathan Randall

Trout, Ralph L, Jr

Tucker, Mary

Turner, Drema Carol

Turner, Harry Alton

Turner, Sharon Lynn

Ulrich, Timothy M

Vandall, Gregory Scott

Vandall, Mary M

Vandall, Minnie C

Vandall, Shirley Davis

Vest, Earl Dorman

Vest, Kimberly Rosetta

Vest, Linda J

Vicars, Christopher Paul

Vicars, Kari Joy-Anna

Vinson, Chadd Terrill

Walters, Mary J

Ward, Danny R

Ward, Deborah J

Ward, Gary Dale

Ward, Rebecca Lynn

Ward, Rebecca S

Ward, Ronald O

Ward, Ronald Wayne

Ward, Sabrina Gay

Webb, Barbara E

Webb, Karen L

Webb, Mark L

Webb, Virginia Louise

Weidner, Katherine Rosa

Weikle, Leslie Ray

Weikle, Sarah Beth

Westfall, Ethel M

Westmoreland, Dorothy A

Wheby, Francis Reed

Wheby, Parker Kane

Wheby, Sarah Catherine

Wheeler, Roberta S

Wheeler, Shirley L

Whelan, Sharon E

Whitaker, John Steve

Whitten, Juanita Thelma

Whitten, Vickie Dawn

Willey, Kendall

Willey, Linda C

Willey, Lorilea June

Williams, Charlie Jennings, III

Williams, David Matthew

Williams, Debra Louise

Williams, James A

Williams, James Joseph Leroy

Williams, Jessica Leigh

Williams, Ralph Wayne

Williams, Stephanie Elizabeth

Wills, Christopher Jarrod

Wills, Juanita Carol

Wills, Sally Jean

Wilson, Patricia L

Wingfield, Patricia A

Wiseman, Ruby Lee

Withrow, Seldon Eury, Jr

Wood, Kara Noel

Woodrum, Betty Lou

Woodrum, Debra A

Woodrum, Jack David

Woodrum, Jacob Evan

Woodrum, Jaxson Brook

Woodrum, Jerry Wayne

Woodrum, Lesley Ann

Woodrum, Paul T

Worles, James Douglas

Worles, James T

Worles, Patricia K

Wyatt, Eddie Shane

Wykle, Barbara Carol

Wykle, Debra Kay

Wykle, Robert Layton

Wynes, Katrina Renee

Wynes, Malik Andrew

Yancey, Michael Shane

Zimmerman, Donnie L

Zimmerman, Jerry Lee

Zimmerman, Terri E

Zimmerman, Tonya Melinda

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